Online Marketing tool for photographers.

Get more customers and 10X your photography business

Float albums removes 2 of the biggest hurdles which photographers face.

  • How to promote their work to a wider audience.
  • Attract more customers for their photography business.

Use Float albums and make customer acquisition & brand promotion a breeze

What is Float Albums?

Float albums is an online tool which helps you to create beautiful photo albums for mobiles in the form of mobile web apps for your customers using your customer’s images.

So how does it help me......

Float albums provides a variety of attractive customer converting templates to choose from for creating your portfolio and each portfolio created from the floatalbums platform will automatically be made available on the customer smartphone as a mobile app icon, making it easy for customers to share it with their loved ones.

When customer get to share it with their loved ones your brand as a photographer gets introduced to a whole set of new customer's which can result in higher brand visibility and more sales enquires.

Beautiful Templates

Select your favourite template for creating your portfolio app from an unlimited gallery of stunning templates. Our amazing photography advertising templates are major gain for photographers in their business expansion. With all templates being :

  • Mobile compatible
  • Designed to capture leads
  • Easy to customize
  • Fast loading themes

Easy Sharing

All Float albums templates comes with this unique share icon which allows anyone viewing the portfolio app to share it to anyone through social media platforms,text sms,email etc.


Create your portfolio as a mobile app for your customer’s smartphone which makes it easy for them to share and showcase it to anybody. One of the main highlights of these portfolio apps are they don’t need to be installed from any app store.

Try float albums now and take your business to a new level

Why choose Float Albums

Easy to use

If you know how to upload photos on facebook, that’s all is required to use float albums.


Having any issue using Floatalbums, we are here to provide 24/7 support to our users.

Fast Loading Template

Users can choose from a variety of super fast loading templates for creating portfolio.

User Analytics

Get to know about total views, unique views, and other user data for each created portfolio.

App Store Independent

These portfolio apps are app store independent, you don’t need to install them from any app store.

Video/Audio Embedding

It also allows you to include videos or other media content with ease in all of your portfolios.

How to get started



Register on float albums and activate your login credentials for using float album platform.


Create Portfolio

Choose your favorite portfolio template and edit & create unlimited number of portfolios.



Publish your portfolio as apps and make it available for your customers on smart phones, desktops etc.

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